Knowform presents

Online Summer Camp
School Edition 2021

For Classes ( 5th to 10th )

22nd-25th April, 5PM-8PM

Topics Covered in this aerospace camp

are curated based on Rocketry, Aeronautics, Astronomy & Astrophysics.

Day 1 : Introduction, Camp Guidelines & Practice Quizzes

The students shall be introduced to the online aerospace summer camp topics to give a brief overview of the study that shall be presented by the expert mentors over the following 3 days. Camp guidelines, timeline, event flow will be explained with practice quizzes setup for understanding the competition procedure.

Day 2 : Rocket Motors & Engines

In-depth understanding starting from the very basics of water rocketry to advanced solid & hybrid propellent rockets explained through our very own practical projects along with a theoretical explanation of the cryogenic rocket engine.

Day 3 : Aircrafts & Avionics

Study the science of heavier than air flight with practical understanding through aeromodelling. Design & build of commercial and fighter jet aircrafts along with it's flight control electronics or avionics systems.

Day 4 : Black Holes & Radio Astronomy

Understanding the region of spacetime where gravity is so strong that nothing, not even light can escape from it. Study of the powerful science of radio astronomy and it's application for detection of various celestial bodies.

We Train you Practically through our
Projects & Experiments

Online Aerospace Summer Camp is Inspired through our practical hands-on workshops

Rocket Engine and Testing Facility Design & Build Workhsop by Knowform
Aeromodelling RC Aircraft Glider Design & Build Workshop by Knowform
Astronomy Overnight Stargazing Stars Planets Galaxies by Knowform

What you get from this Aerospace Camp


Expert Mentoring

Get to learn directly from the upcoming Aerospace & Mechanical Engineers working on live projects and events in the field of rocketry, aircrafts and space science.



We provide Verified E-Certifications for successful completion of our course to validate your knowledge gained and to provide you a with competitive advantage.


First Hand Career Guidance

We are here to guide and give you a better picture of what opportunities lie ahead in the field of aerospace, how to get there, what options to choose & choices to make.

Learn, Compete & Win exciting prizes from the special Daily Quizzes

Knowform Expert Mentors

Sarang Mane Knowform Founder

Sarang Mane

B.Tech Aerospace ; Rocketry & Aircraft Expert

Rishabh Naik Knowform Founder

Rishabh Naik

B.Tech Aerospace ; Rocketry & Aircraft Expert

Guest Expert

Smeet Ashar

B.Tech Mechanical ; Astronomy
& Space Science Expert

Dr. Sadanand Gokhale IIT

Hon'ble Chief Guest

Prof. Dr. Sadanand Sadashiv Gokhale

(Knowform's Senior Advisor & Mentor)

Former Dean, IIT Madras. Former Director, NIT Kozhikode, Nagpur, Raipur. Founding Director, NIT Mizoram. Former Director LNMIT Jaipur. Former Chairman of Central Counselling Board. Chairman Board of Governors of NIT Durgapur.

Online platform
zoom meetings

Live Teaching & Interactive Sessions, No Pre-Recorded Lectures.  Zoom Link shall be sent 2 days before the event.

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